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The Forest Dark – A new exhibit by Clare Celeste Börsch

by Newprint | June 27, 2019

Now on display at Newprint: An extraordinary exhibition of works by an extraordinary artist: Clare Celeste Börsch. We’d like to warmly invite you to come and experience these remarkable works of our time. See for yourself – at Newprint until the end of the year.

About the artist

Clare’s an American? More like a citizen of the world. Where’s her home? Where’s her heart? They’re in Berlin today. But she grew up across the world: Her father in diplomatic service, Clare moved countries time and time again. She lived in many exotic places – not least in Central- and South America: Honduras and Brazil. There, Clare faced and experienced things one should rather not face or experience. Death, violence, poverty. But what she also saw was the rainforest: the Amazon.

About the exhibition

All of this is reflected in Clare’s works: Animals and plants of the jungle arranged in seeming harmony in aesthetic collages. At the same time, cruelty and death are completely absent, au contraire: Clare showcasts the creation in all its bloom. Could this depiction of such a perfect world be seen as an attempt to deal with the dark experiences that do not stem from this untainted creation? This question may remain unanswered.

The quiet of extinction

At the same time, if unintentional, Clare’s works are filled with a multitude of animal and plant species that have since become extinct. Which ones? Another question tough to answer. There is no daily-updated data base with glossy pictures of extinct species one could use for comparison. And thus, although unplanned, Clare’s pictures represent an ecological memorial of our time. Perhaps criticizing the policies of a Bolsonaro in times of burning jungles, synonymous of a disappearing perfect world of species and the peaceful coexistence of all living beings.