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Sneeze guard – Acrylic glass shields for „social distancing“

by Newprint | April 20, 2020

What is a sneeze guard?

In times of the coronavirus crisis, clear plexiglass barriers are in high demand. The expressions “sneeze guard” or “spit protection” might not sound very attractive but these are the official terms used by health authorities for acrylic glass hoods or covers that shield dishes or foodstuffs at cafeterias and sales counters.

Sneeze guard = virus protection?

Such plastic barriers may also be used to keep people at a distance in order to prevent a possible infection by coronavirus or other viruses. However, an acrylic sneeze guard cannot be officially termed “virus protection” since it does not fully prevent the spread of sprays that may contain a virus. However, it does significantly reduce the risk of droplet infection when talking to other people.

Back then at the post office

Historically, the product is not new. In the past, glass partitions between sales agents and customers were widespread: in banks, at information desks or sales counters at the cinema or theatre box office, in government offices and naturally at medical facilities. Such shields were present in all institutions where clients came face to face with consultants, cashiers or sales personnel.

The disappearance

For psychological reasons, these transparent barriers have often been dismantled over the past 20 years: companies wanted to create a closer “proximity to the customer”, a more direct customer relationship. The rising risk of droplet infection was not considered or even ignored.

The reappearance

Since the coronavirus pandemic, sneeze guards made of acrylic glass or plexiglass are among the most sought-after products. The material is clear, relatively robust yet easy to work with. Not only can you cut and saw it but you can also bend it at any angle (up to 90 degree) under heat. Also the bending radius can be determined freely. Thus, the panes can be custom-made to fit any given structural situation.


In a refining process the acrylic shields may be cut out to allow access holes, openings, slits or windows. You can also round off the corners and polish the edges to minimise the risk of injury. Whether you are asking for a mobile solution or a permanent installation, there are numerous mounting options. Where necessary, the screens can even be hung from the ceiling. Finally they can be labelled with your logo, informational text or pictograms. The panes can be partially matted with frosted glass film.

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