In order to insure that production runs smoothly, we need your printing data as a PDF file. If you do not yet have a PDF-file, this link will take you to a free PDF-Creator.

Data creation

If your file meets our requirements, there will be no extra cost for pre-print services. Should you need any help, we will be happy to make your data printable for you.

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General requirements

This checklist explains all basic requirements every print product should meet to allow for smooth production.


Please convert all fonts into paths or curves or embed them into your document. Otherwise please supply them separately.


Always create colours in CMYK-mode. Note that Microsoft-Office-products use RGB-mode as a standard. Printing from RGB will cause deviations in colour and quality.


Images must have a resolution of 300dpi in original size. Please reduce all layers to background layer. Provide single images as JPG or TIFF.

Please position text and images at least 5mm away from margins unless they are meant to bleed.
Please create your files with crops of at least 3mm. Trim marks should be positioned outside the document.
Personalized Data
Data for personalization of form letters or serial mailings should be provided in an Excel file with consistent columns.
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Special requirements for brochures

This checklist explains all specifications that have to be complied with when creating brochures or catalogues to allow for smooth production.


For brochures, please provide a single PDF file with all pages in consecutive order.
For a saddle stich binding, the page count must be divisible by 4! Please add blank pages if needed. Should you send single pages, please make sure they are numbered correctly. In this case the cover should be marked as such.


Please do not employ white design elements, coloured rims or outlines close to margins as they might not be displayed properly in print.

Page Creep

Creep is where the bulk of the paper in a saddle stitched booklet causes the inner pages to extend or creep out further than the outer pages when folded. If there is no creep allowance when pages are trimmed, the outer margins become narrower toward the center of the booklet and there is the possibility that text or images may be cut off. In order to avoid this, please adjust the page layout of inner spreads to maintain a constant outer margin when the booklet is trimmed. Creep allowance may be calculated as follows:
number of pages : 4 x paperweight in grams : 1000 = creep in millimetres.
For example: a 48-page brochure on 135g/sqm paper: 48 : 4 x 135 : 1000 = 1.62 millimetres. If you then fold the sheets and crop the booklet, the inner pages will be 1.62 millimetres shorter.