Paper isn’t the only thing we’re passionate about! For many years, we have been offering exhibition space to upcoming artists. Drop by and have a look! After all, some things you simply have to do for pleasure- even if the world may not necessarily need them. Feel free to contact us should you wish to exhibit some of your work!

Kunst Azal 2017 1 - Royal Azal

Royal Azal

Atoms Dancing, 2017

Kirsten Roya Azal’s works are inexplicable. Barely abstract. As if structured in logarithmic fractals, strings of colourful fluorescent pearls stretch across a deep, dark universe. From this background baroque drapery might arise to awareness, then maybe tropical fish or a burst of colour in the microcosm of structures on an insect’s wing. Suddenly revealing geometrical miniature ornaments… Shall we call it psychedelic art?

After numerous exhibitions in London and New York, we are proud to be the first to show Roya’s works in Berlin.