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Why is Newprint called Newprint blue? What does the tilde symbol stand for? And what’s the story behind the exclamation mark?

In 2018, we have decided to rebrand. Tying us to the Berlin region, our former name (Blueprint Berlin GmbH) simply did not seem to suit us anymore since we have been operating throughout Germany and beyond for many years now. This has been the perfect opportunity to update and refresh our whole brand and presence, as the name itself may suggest! What remains unchanged in our logo is the tilde symbol and the “i” flipped upside-down.

The tilde indicates a creative, artistic moment, an initial pause, a split-second hesitation before the exclamation! It is the tender, lyrical counterpoint to the edgy characters that follow. It is the graphic directive into a horizontal line that might otherwise be lacking in our logo.

The exclamation mark is a reference to our former logo. It once was a cheekily flipped “i” with its dot down below. Newprint with an exclamation! Vertical, determined, a statement! It stands for vigour and performance.

Lastly, there’s the splash of colour – the suffix blue. This being reminiscent of our former name, it will always be distinctive of our corporate identity. Its origins lie in the English word for draft: blueprint. Today, we are approaching things more poetically. Let the blue go further. Let it show of more of its shades, let it reach beyond the literal meaning: blue like the sky, the universe, blue like eternity!

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