The coronavirus affects our daily routines, in private and at work. Many procedures need to be adapted to the new situation. Current hygiene guidelines must be observed. But how do you best implement them? We’ve put together a few products for you that can help you to inform, guide and thus protect both your employees and your customers.

Our Corona Shop Products

You know which products you want, but you could use some help with your artwork or printing data? Feel free to consult our graphics department. We will be happy to deliver the order to your office, once it has been completed. Upon request we also offer assemblies or installations (within Berlin city limits).

Kachel Mund Nasen Maske 1 - Corona Shop

Mouth-nose masks

Use, protect, prevent
Wearing face masks in …

Kachel Desinfektion - Corona Shop

Hand sanitizers

Apply, sanitize, advertise …

Kachel Mobiler Hygieneschutz - Corona Shop

Mobile Hygiene Protection

Set up, unroll and protect
Mobile hygiene protection…

Kachel Sneeze guards - Corona Shop

Sneeze Guards

Shield, protect and trust
Sneeze guards (acrylic …

Kachel leaflets folded leaflets Corona - Corona Shop

Leaflets / Folded Leaflets

Fold, mail and deliver
We produce leaflets …

Kachel poster placards Corona - Corona Shop

Posters / Placards

Stick, frame and hang
We produce posters …

Kachel Retractable Banners Corona - Corona Shop

Retractable Banners

Set up, unroll and present
We produce roll-up …

Kachel Sticker keep your distance 1 - Corona Shop

Stickers “Keep your Distance”

Guide, warn, protect
“Keep your distance” stickers…

Kachel Bodenmarkierungsband - Corona Shop

Floor marking tape

Paste, guide, lead
Our floor marking tape is …

Kachel Kupfertape - Corona Shop

Copper tape

Affix, guard, protect
Shieldex® copper tape is …