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Blog XXXL Maxikarte 1080x400 - BLOG

The creation of an XXXL-maxicard

The requestThe customer's request was actually quite simple: a folding card, 4 pages, 1/2-coloured with special colour HKS 13, 350g / m² chromo card, trimmed, creased, folded and inserted into suitable envelopes, labelled and subsequently shipped. No problem at all,...

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Blog Upcycling für Nachhaltigkeit 1080x400 - BLOG

Upcycling for more sustainability

Upcycling of packaging materials for more sustainabilityLately, we’ve been giving the sustainability of our packaging materials a closer look. The key lies in ecological upcycling. We need stable, securely sealed cardboard boxes. These have to be well-padded so that...

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Blog Samenpapier 1080x400 - BLOG

Seed paper

Spring’s here! Time for seed paper?The idea: Symbolise growth! Recently, a customer came to us with a request to print a leaflet on seed paper. It should have the potential to be planted in order to ensure a "growing and blooming" future. Of course, the double meaning...

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Blog Happy New Year scratch paint 1 1080x400 - BLOG

Scratch-Off Varnish

Scratch-Off Varnish - Get your products up to scratch! Happy New Year! This year, our New Year's card comes with a special coat of scratch-off varnish. Read more about the use of rub-off coating below. Before doing that though, how about you have a try at releasing...

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